Wolfgang Praschnig

Wolfgang Praschnig
CEO | Founder Head of Sales & Business Consulting


Born in Carinthia in Austria, he came to Vorarlberg at the age of 19 and has since lived in the Bregenz Forest with his wife and two children. Wolfgang attended the Polytechnic for Electrical Engineering in Klagenfurt, and in addition to a number of subject-specific IT and project management training courses, for example, he completed his studies in Integrated Product Development at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg. After seventeen successful years as a software developer, Wolfgang recognized the need for analysis and reports. He opted for self-employment and founded ppmc.   With his wife Alexandra, Wolfgang uses every opportunity to shake one’s dancing leg. At a younger age, he was on the stage as rock and roll show dancer, and now he enjoys cozy dance evenings. As far as possible, Wolfgang plays guitar and cajon in the band “The Neighbors” once a week. There are more leisurely rehearsal evenings than gigs here, but it’s an opportunity to switch off.


Hobbies and fun facts

plays guitar and cajón in the band “The Neighbors”

not a day goes by without Wolfi is smiling

danced rock ‘n’ roll with Alex at a young age

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