Understanding ppmc | spot (single point of truth)

Various key figures anytime, anywhere


Key figures and analyzes can be displayed for any aspect – staff requirements, structure, use, development or cost structure, employee retention or recovery. The integrated web architecture in conjunction with the responsive design ensures flexible access via stationary PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Meaningful visualizations


Graphical visualizations ensure structured and organized presentation and communication of data, high information quality and good, understandable information transfer. For a quick acquisition of knowledge and purposeful action.

Reduction of the workload


With automated data delivery and processing, the IT department is only responsible for maintaining the system landscape. Supplementary data such as special statutory provisions are entered by the specialist staff independently using configuration files. This reduces the time required in the IT department and allows them to concentrate on their core tasks.

Central server application with windows


ppmc | ppmc | spot is installed centrally on a server. Users access the application via any browser. Access rights can be defined in a user-specific manner. User control is via the Windows user administration or via a configurable user table.

Smart dashboards


Dashboards inform at a glance about work and absences, working time violations, extended working time regulations, time overviews, master data, etc.

Easy to use interface


User-friendly interface, ppmc | easy and intuitive operation – even without IT expertise or time-consuming training.

Individual scalability


ppmc | ppmc | spot contains an extensive collection of key figures. In order to fulfill all individual needs, the application can be extended and modified as desired.

Access to current and historical data


ppmc | ppmc | spot loads the required data from the source systems at fixed time intervals. This ensures that you always work with current data. Historical data is summarized system-independently. Thus, they can be used for long-term analyses, previous period comparisons or planning purposes.


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