Bexio is an administration software for KMS. It offers contact management, sales area offer to invoice, accounting, banking, payroll, product management, warehouse management, time tracking and projects. With our interface, we obtain the data that Bexio provides via a residual API from the system and write it into a SQL database, from which it can be further processed. Timed queries – static values, such as a user, can be collected on a weekly basis, but also time records in hours / day – individually adjustable. Data can be further processed from the SQL Server.




Fink order time guarantees the rapid and convenient recording of all order and project times. The ideal basis for transparent project billing and efficient controlling. Fink vehicle registration automatically records all vehicle movements and clearly displays locations, trips and the status of your vehicles in seconds. Fink Personnel Time is an important tool for staff management with the flexible recording of all attendance and absence times. With its automatic evaluations of the booked times, it also serves as a starting point for payroll accounting and cost optimization.