Lisa Gapp

BI Developer & Project Manager



After graduating from the Commercial Academy in Feldkirch in Austria, Lisa decided for a career in the consulting area. As a junior consultant, she already gained a lot of experience. With this experience, and the knowledge and the purposefulness she acquired along the way, Lisa came straight to us and it is now indispensable.


There is not a day when Lisa does not come to the office with a smile and goes home smiling. We really appreciate her open, sympathetic and happy manner.


She is also a great winter lover and something of a little snow bunny. As soon as there is a touch of snow on the slopes, Lisa is already in a ski suit and makes the slopes unsafe. If she is not in the ski resorts at the weekend, Lisa can be found at the tennis court or on a football pitch. In summer, we find her again at festivals.


Hobbies and fun facts

Skiing is her big passion

Festivals without Lisa?
Never happens!

Three clumsy actions a day always happen