Health Check

Business Intelligence Health Check


You are using a Business Intelligence environment based on the products of the manufacturer QlikTech and are dissatisfied with the performance or usability, or you are planning an extension of the current solution and want to make sure that this is possible?
Or you simply want to get an external evaluation of the current solution.


With our Health Check our experts analyze your complete Business Intelligence environment, show potentials for the solution of current problems and give you a summary of the current status as well as recommendations for a long-term, stable and successful operation.

Who can participate?


  • Persons responsible for Business Intelligence


  • Key users from the application area (application)


  • Key users from the area of data analytics (data preparation)


  • Key users from IT (infrastructure)


  • Summary and analysis of the current Business Intelligence environment or solution
  • Definition of optimization potentials in the infrastructure, data preparation and applications
  • Definition of measures to ensure a stable and high-performance operation of the Business Intelligence environment in the long term



  • 3 Days
    • 1 day preparation and follow-up
    • 2-day workshop with analysis of the existing environment and recording of further requirements for a future planned expansion



  • Overview of the inventory (programs, data sources, business intelligence solution, infrastructure, users) in the form of documentation
  • Evaluation of the areas infrastructure, data preparation and application with necessary measures for optimization
  • Evaluation of the current degree of Business Intelligence integration in the company with summary of further expansion potentials
  • Evaluation of the scalability of the complete Business Intelligence environment considering the predicted growth of data and program diversity
  • Recommendation on the next steps based on the lessons learnt

Your contact person


You have questions about our Health Check?
Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to it!

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Wolfgang Praschnig



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