Data is the new gold

Data is the new gold

Corporate key figures – available anytime, anywhere and always up-to-date

Digitization is a topic that is becoming more and more important in companies.

An essential and strategically important component in this context is the automated merging of digital information, which exists in the usually very complex and diverse system world of a company, into up-to-date and meaningful key figures and evaluations. For more than thirteen years, ppmc analytics ag has specialized in customer-specific business intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes. The focus is on the development of analysis and reporting applications based on the business intelligence software Qlik, which is one of the leading solutions worldwide. From our location in Ruggell in the Principality of Liechtenstein, as a certified Qlik Solution Provider, we support customers worldwide, with a focus on the DACH region. With our Qlik solutions, companies can combine any number of data from a wide variety of data sources in one view and analyze and graphically visualize them in a variety of directions.

Company-relevant key figures – available automatically updated anytime, anywhere

Usually many different programs are in use in a company. In many cases, exports from these systems are manually merged with a great deal of effort, and then combined in static evaluations. Changes in the past are often not updated. Due to the very high effort involved, these evaluations are also usually created only monthly or at longer intervals. Nowadays, however, it is necessary to have up-to-date key figures and analyses available at all times and everywhere. We at ppmc analytics ag support you in this process.

Ready-made reporting templates for the analysis of your financial, sales and personnel data

Our templates provide reliable, standardised and qualified figures – clearly and meaningfully presented. So you can see at a glance how your company is doing and where you need to take action to stay on course. The basis for these templates are clearly defined tables, which we automatically download and prepare directly from your systems. – Financial application with profit and loss statement, balance sheet and various key figures from the financial sector– Sales application with sales key figures compared to plan and previous year viewed by customer, article and salesperson – Personnel application with analyses around time recording and personnel master data


Your partner in the region

ppmc analytics ag is your industry independent business intelligence partner in the region. Our portfolio ranges from consulting, licensing, installation, development, training and supervision to ongoing support.