Your partner for QlikTech and Microsoft BI

  ppmc has been a recognised expert for customised business intelligence solutions and digitalisation consulting since 2007. Through holistic optimisation of the IT landscape, we ensure maximum performance for business processes. In addition to the Alpine Rhine Valley and the DACH region, customers benefit from our services worldwide.   Early on, we took on a pioneering role in the area of cross-programme, company-wide analyses. For maximally successful projects, we use the products QlikTech and Microsoft BI.   Why not get ahead of the future with seven-league boots? Networked, digital technologies are causing far-reaching changes in our society. The digital transformation is noticeable in all areas of our lives. It presents us with unprecedented challenges in our everyday lives. The enormous variety of data and the associated data volume form the basis for our decisions – in all companies and all industries. As business intelligence specialists with many years of experience, we uncover the high potential of this change.   Solutions that work reliably We think along with you and quickly identify the necessary steps to make your business processes more efficient. You get a transparent overview of essential key figures at any time at the touch of a button. The result is accurate assessments and error-free decisions that put you one step ahead of your industry. We accompany you from consulting, licensing, installation, development, training to support in all areas of Data Integration and Data Analytics.

Concentrated business intelligence knowledge We secure a serious advantage for our customers through a unique specialisation in business intelligence. This unique selling point distinguishes us from other providers and is the reason for our high reputation. We are on a first-name basis with all industries. This know-how and comprehensive insider knowledge makes it easy for us to quickly develop the right solution strategy.