Chiara Fujs

Marketing & Communications


  The enthusiastic woman from Feldkirch in Austria was already excited about marketing during her days at the Commercial Academy in Salzburg. Her thesis “The use of multi-channel marketing for the local retail industry in the age of digitization” brought her an award which accompanied her into the Principality of Liechtenstein.   After a creative and diversified studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg (B.A.), she has now landed in the right place and supports the team in the area of Marketing & Communications.   The academically agile woman is also athletically fit. As a kickboxer, she trains five times a week and is always looking forward to her next competition. If she is not physically active, she is already making plans as to where she could spend her next vacation.


Hobbies and fun facts

Her sport: kickboxing

Heavy Metal & Rock fan

the next travel destination: Cape Town

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