“QlikView is our reliable, responsive compass that lets us see if our ship is on course at all times.”

QlikView in Use at Heule: Sales Key Figures at a Click

HEULE Werkzeug AG


Precision tools


Sales, Management, Product Management, Production


Balgach, Switzerland
With QlikView there is no but, no maybe and no 'you should clarify then that ...'. You can simply program everything you want in terms of evaluations - based on data from any system."

Thomas Eisenbart, Product Manager, HEULE Werkzeug AG

The customer


Since its founding as a contract manufacturer in 1961, HEULE Werkzeug AG has been concerned with the optimisation of machining process times. The main focus is on the development and manufacture of tools for front and rear machining of bores in
one operation.

Based in Balgach, Switzerland, the company has established itself as the world market leader in the more than 55 years of its existence.
Around 90 committed employees work for Heule at its headquarters as well as in branches in the USA, China and Korea.

Baseline situation


The tool specialist was looking for business intelligence software in order to be able to generate key figures more efficiently as a basis for business decisions. It was particularly important to Heule that the solution had the ability to extract data from various source systems and combine them to create meaningful key figures.

“Previously, we had to first export the required data from each of our four IT systems individually and then manually link them together in Excel and display them in graphics in order to be able to make a statement,” says Ulf Heule, CEO, HEULE Werkzeug AG. “This procedure was both too time-consuming and too error-prone for us”.



During the evaluation of various solutions available on the market, Mr. Eisenbart became aware of the provider Qlik and had its products presented by ppmc AG, a certified Qlik solution provider specializing in customer-specific business intelligence solutions for medium-sized companies in the Alpine Rhine Valley.

The QlikView Guided Analytics software was a convincing choice. Its patented software engine compresses data and makes it available in main memory for immediate evaluation by various users. For data sources that do not fit into the main memory due to their size, QlikView establishes a direct connection to the source system. Data access is correspondingly fast.

Patented technology, associative data analysis, collaboration, and mobile information analysis capabilities create an environment where users can ask and answer as many questions as they want, alone or in a team, regardless of their location.

ppmc AG was also convincing, as Ulf Heule explains. “ppmc is very familiar both with the development environment of the Qlik product family and with the solutions of our system landscape. It was also important for us to have a partner close by. Solving a task together at one table is much more effective than by telephone or e-mail. ppmc really took time for us to understand our requirements and to implement them on a collegial basis”. Within a few weeks, all steps up to the productive usability of a first application were implemented.

Areas of application and benefits


Around 14 employees are currently using the application to generate and analyze key sales figures such as sales, incoming orders, open orders, etc. The application is also used by the company’s own staff. Are the orders coming in as planned? Do we comply with the budgeting? How high are the return deliveries? Do we reach the weekly figures? These are typical questions to which employees can now find quick and up-to-date answers – the data is updated hourly.

“In addition, the figures also help us with budgeting,” adds Eisenbart. “We evaluate what we have achieved in terms of sales volumes per week, month and year and with what seasonal fluctuations. This results in indicators for the budget to be planned”.

Heule benefits from the use of Qlik on the one hand from time savings, as the CEO confirms: “Before using QlikView, it took us an average of four hours per working week to generate the key figures required for reporting. Now a few minutes are enough”.

On the other hand, information transparency has increased significantly, says Ulf Heule: “With QlikView, we can generate the various key figures from different sources without having to intervene manually again. I filter in the first dashboard and then receive the corresponding filtered information from the order entry down to the representative via all queries. This allows us to see relationships that we could not have worked out manually before.”



In a further project step, data access will be fine-tuned according to the user in order to ensure that employees receive exactly the “right amount” of information required for their particular work area.

In addition, all internal and external quality deviation reports are to be mapped and analyzed in QlikView in the future. Applications for planning and production are also conceivable.

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