“With QlikView, we can now analyze faster, more accurately, and more deeply. Controlling = double output with the same input.”

Pantec Engineering AG: Numbers fully under control with Qlik

Pantec Engineering AG


Mechanical engineering, automation, medical technology


Controlling, Purchasing, Finance, Research & Development, Management, IT, Warehouse, Personnel, Production, Quality Assurance, Distribution


Ruggell, Principality of Liechtenstein
"With QlikView, we can now access and flexibly analyze daily updated data ad hoc at the push of a button. This is no comparison at all to the limited possibilities we previously had with Excel".

Jürgen Schwarzmann, CFO, Pantec Engineering AG

The customer


Pantec is a worldwide operating technology supplier for mechanical engineering and medical technology and offers services and complete solutions in the field of automation and mechatronic systems. Its customers primarily include machine builders in Switzerland, Germany and Italy as well as machine operators all over the world. In addition, there are global customers for medical technology applications/devices. Founded in 1990, the company employs around 100 people at its headquarters in Ruggell (Liechtenstein) and at branch offices in Switzerland and China.

Baseline situation


Pantec is an internationally oriented group of companies mainly active in the capital goods and services sectors. Fluctuations in orders and exchange rates, investment cycles as well as economic policy influences are very present in this market environment. This makes it all the more important for the technology supplier to have access to up-to-date, decision-relevant information at all times. “In order to be able to react more flexibly to changing market conditions, it is essential to have access to current, decision-relevant information and to depict division-relevant key figures within the framework of company-wide controlling,” says Jürgen Schwarzmann, CFO, Pantec Engineering AG. “Here we have seen clear technological optimization potential.

So far, the necessary analyses and reports have been based on Excel – accompanied by some shortcomings, as Heinz Hosp, Head of IT, Pantec Engineering AG, explains: “We lacked the permanent and consistent availability of the information. In addition, the manual ETL process was too time-consuming and the comparability of figures from different source systems very limited.
Alternatively, a dedicated, user-friendly business intelligence software should be used, which enables the automated analysis of daily updated data from any source system.



Pantec found the right solution virtually “next door” – at ppmc AG, also based in Ruggell. The IT service provider, which specializes in customer-specific business intelligence solutions for midmarket companies, recommended the QlikView data discovery platform – and, as Schwarzmann confirms, was absolutely right with its recommendation: “The simple connectivity of various data sources and the uncomplicated option of adapting or creating new applications convinced us, as did the intuitive on-demand filterability of the results.

QlikView’s patented software engine creates new data views ad hoc and during query. Data is compressed and stored in memory for immediate analysis by multiple users. For data sources that do not fit into memory due to their size, QlikView establishes a direct connection to the source system. Users can examine all data with complete flexibility.
“In addition, there is a flexible licensing model with which we keep costs manageable,” adds Hosp.

ppmc AG was also convincing – with know-how, service orientation and speed. “The cooperation went very well,” says Schwarzmann. “I liked how interactive and pragmatic the step-by-step development of the evaluations was. We came up with the ideas of what should be mapped and how, and ppmc took care of the data preparation and presentation,” says the CFO. After only two days, the first productively usable evaluations were available. Further applications were then developed with ppmc in weekly on-site meetings at Pantec.

Areas of application and benefits


QlikView currently processes approx. 20 GB of data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, TimeAS, MS Excel and SQL Server.
17 employees from almost every division use more than 20 different QlikView evaluations. The focus is on quality and project management as well as purchasing. An authorization system regulates which persons have access to which analyses.

For example, sales and contribution margins per business segment, productivity in engineering services and the project portfolio are shown.

Another example are bearing evaluations – for example, to identify fast and slow movers.

In addition, error messages in the area of quality management as well as open/due items per business area and per customer are evaluated. In addition, analyses of framework contracts and the development of purchase prices per article/supplier are available. Target/actual comparisons of production times can also be called up. IT uses QlikView to inventory hardware.

“We now have much greater transparency about our data,” says Schwarzmann. “Today, quality management employees can easily break down error messages down to the individual part level on their own. In the past, this was only possible with a lot of time”.

In addition, Pantec benefits from significantly faster data availability: The technology supplier experienced an aha moment, for example, in an appointment with his insurance agent: He had calculated two hours for the data recording to re-tender the entire insurance contracts. “After 15 minutes, he had no more questions, as we were able to view all relevant data group-wide online via QlikView and filter it in the form required by the insurance company,” explains the CFO. “If a question comes up during a session, we can answer it immediately and reliably, which would previously have been possible only afterwards and with more time,” Schwarzmann continues.



The QlikView environment is continuously adapted to the needs of the company. “There are actually always new ideas and suggestions from the specialist departments as to which evaluations we can still map with QlikView,” confirms the CFO. In addition, Pantec is currently examining the possibility of developing QlikView add-ons in the area of control technology for industrial machines, which will enable customers to visualize machine performance.

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