„Qlik ist unsere strategische Plattform für Entwicklung der Funktionen zur Steuerung und Überwachung der Unternehmung.“

„Qlik ist unsere strategische Plattform für Entwicklung der Funktionen zur Steuerung und Überwachung der Unternehmung.“

Key figure-based business management: Bank Frick uses Qlik

Bank Frick




Management, Controlling, Finance, Front Office/Customer Service, Payment, IT, Personnel


Balzers, Principality of Liechtenstein
With Qlik, management and employees can easily retrieve up-to-date, reliable and understandable visualized data at any time as a basis for operational and strategic business decisions.

Kevin Marxer, BI and Application Engineer

The customer


Bank Frick is a family-run Liechtenstein bank with headquarters in Balzers and a branch in London. Bank Frick’s strategic focus is on services and products for financial intermediaries such as trustees, asset managers, payment service providers, fund promoters and fintechs. One of Bank Frick’s unique selling points is its high level of expertise in the field of regulated block-chain banking. The bank supports ICO, holds crypto assets in safe custody, trades in leading crypto currencies for Bank Frick customers and makes crypto assets bankable. Bank Frick develops tailor-made funds for intermediaries and acts as custodian.

Bank Frick is the only Liechtenstein bank to hold acquiring licenses for Visa and MasterCard. More than 120 employees work for the bank.

Baseline situation


Diversification is a crucial aspect for Bank Frick to operate successfully in the market. Accordingly, it is important for the financial institution to recognise potential and translate it into innovative products. Since the first quarter of 2018, account holders at Bank Frick, for example, have been able to invest directly in leading crypto currencies in order to diversify their portfolio. Equally important for the bank is a high level of transparency regarding information on products, business areas, customers and employees in order to successfully manage its business. “Since we not only offer standard products from Classic Banking, but also innovative blockchain banking products, for example, we were looking for software that would offer us the greatest possible flexibility in terms of application development and integration of various data sources,” explains Kevin Marxer, Business Intelligence and Application Engineer at Bank Frick.

Previously, analyses were mapped using a query solution that only accessed the Db2-based core banking system. However, this methodology did not provide connectivity to other platforms. In addition, the visual display options were limited.

The aim of introducing BI software was to provide management with a data cockpit that would enable the bank to be managed on the basis of key figures. In addition, the front-office staff were to be provided with information on customers and products.



The financial institution has opted for the analysis and reporting solution Qlik. The decisive factors were the combinability of any data source, the user-friendliness and the graphic display options. In addition, the convincing price/performance ratio was convincing.

The software was introduced within two weeks and a first application was ready for productive use. ppmc AG from Liechtenstein was responsible for the rapid success of the project. The IT service provider specializes in customer-specific business intelligence solutions for medium-sized companies. The focus is on the development of Qlik-based analysis and reporting applications.

ppmc is not only convincing because of its technical expertise and many years of project experience – the close proximity and the associated “short distances” were also very important to the bank.  “The perception of the ppmc employees is very high, as is the speed of response to our enquiries,” adds Marxer.

Areas of application and benefits


At Bank Frick, Qlik applications are used by around 45 employees from management, controlling, finance, customer care, payment, IT and human resources departments. A data volume of 7.5 GB will be evaluated. The data comes from the core banking system and other internal and external systems. The data is provided on a daily basis. Transaction data is loaded every half hour.

The management uses Qlik for the compressed supply of information with various key figures such as yield analyses, assets under management, net new money, etc.

In addition, classic controlling reports are mapped in Qlik.

The employees responsible for customer care use the software for a clear and comprehensible representation of customer relationships.

In addition, an application for personnel controlling is available, which contains data on the number of employees, the percentage of jobs as well as the number of departures and arrivals, among other things.

Bank Frick benefits from the use of Qlik, with time savings of around 30 percent for the provision of key figures and analysis. In addition, the financial institution benefits from faster information availability, more up-to-date data and more analysis flexibility. “By being able to link any data source, we can now implement more decision-relevant analyses,” explains Marxer. “In addition, the data is updated at least daily. In the past, printed reports were available in the morning, but today users can meet their individual information needs at any time with structured and comprehensibly visualized data.



The Qlik application landscape is being further expanded – extensions to the management cockpit are currently being implemented as well as reports for customers with information on their banking relationship. “Thanks to Qlik’s high user-friendliness, we are in a position to further develop most of our applications internally. “ppmc supports us selectively,” concludes Marxer. In the medium term, the bank plans to migrate to Qlik Sense.

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