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Every single day ,we face the challenge of making complex decisions. The ever-growing variety of data and systems brings more and more factors into the decision-making process. In a partnership relationship, ppmc analytics ag works with you to develop transparent data flows, structured models and meaningful visualizations and reports.

Data and system diversity

You want to review at sales and contribution margins, keep an eye on HR key figures, recognize production bottlenecks, optimize processes? In most cases, the data for it are not in one place, but come from countless, different sources. The sales department works with the CRM in the cloud, the warehouse with the ERP, the production with a so-called planning board in Excel and the human resources department with an access solution. Many isolated solutions that you should combine in the daily decision-making.


ppmc analytics ag assists you in automatically loading the relevant data from the system. These data are stored in a central location and are subject to the authorization structure which you have defined.

Use systems


Recognize combinations


Salvage and Reviving


Make the impossible possible

Data modeling

Decisions in everyday life must be made on a stable and comprehensible database. Logical connections and standardized calculations, automatisms and reduction of manual steps are inevitable here. Ppmc analytics ag attaches the utmost importance to the feasibility of data flows and calculations. In addition, ppmc analytics ag can use the associative data models to create a combination of data relationships that can only be created with difficulty or with great manual effort in everyday life.

The combination of a central, authorization-protected data pool and a comprehensible data flow and their calculations create trust and security.

Visualization and reporting

“We could save a lot of time if we can differentiate between important and unimportant.”
© Ernst Ferstl (* 1955), Austrian teacher, poet and aphorist

Every day our environment floods with information. Often you have to wander through a plethora of irrelevant information to get the data that’s relevant to you.

This is why it is an important task for ppmc analytics ag to work together with you on the relevant KPIs in a clear and meaningful visualization. Whether on the screen or as an email – you can see what you need without searching.


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