Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence focused on your company’s success

  Do you want rapid decision-making reliability through automated models? Meaningful visualisations of relevant data? No matter where, when and with which end device? We make your data flows transparent and create clarity.  

We master your challenge

  In business, we are faced with complex decisions every day. Due to constantly growing data and system diversity, the decision-making process becomes more difficult, slower and error-prone. Today, business intelligence is one of the most essential instruments for the precise control of your company. In a spirit of partnership, ppmc works with you to develop a strategy to make the most of your data. We take care of data flows that are crystal clear and unambiguous. We take care of models that are first-class structured and self-explanatory. And visualisations and reports that are easy to interpret at a glance. We are your partner for consulting, development, implementation, training and support of business intelligence solutions.

Strong advantages for resounding success


  • Bringing business processes to the highest level of performance
  • Maximum planning security
  • Accurate, lightning-fast decisions
  • Access relevant data at any time, anywhere and from any device
  • Transparent overview of key figures & evaluations
  • Gaining knowledge at the touch of a button
  • Automation push and thus the abandonment of manual evaluations
  • Cost reduction & Time saving
  • More scope for core business

We pave the way out of your data and system diversity

  Do you want to look at turnover and contribution margins, keep an eye on personnel figures, recognise production bottlenecks or optimise processes? Your problem: the data for this comes from countless, different sources. Sales works with CRM in the cloud, the warehouse with ERP, production with a so-called planning board in Excel and the HR department with an Access solution or you use a complex SAP solution. If you do not have a functioning business intelligence solution, everyday processes can be tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. This does not have to be the case!   ppmc helps you to load relevant data from the systems automatically – at one click you have the overview and always hit the mark with your decisions! This data is stored in a central location and is subject to the authorisation structure you define.

Data modelling – flawless and illuminating

  Anyone who wants to steer their company safely through the digital age must make decisions on a stable and comprehensible data basis. Logical connections and standardised calculations, automatisms and reduction of manual steps are indispensable for this.   ppmc places the highest value on the logical traceability of data flows and calculations. Through associative data models, we create combinations of data correlations. This avoids high manual effort.   From a central data pool and an intelligent data flow, calculations and key figures are created on which you can reliably build.

Visualisation and reporting – seamless and pin sharp

  Every day we are surrounded by a data jungle. This makes it difficult to distinguish between important and unimportant. We often struggle for a long time through a plethora of irrelevant information to finally get to the data that really interests us.   We firmly believe that clear visualisations of the relevant KPIs make your everyday work much easier. Waterproof decisions and rapid insight are based on transparent, easily comprehensible overviews. Our visualisations quickly create clarity, are informative and can be viewed anywhere and at any time.  You want to finally make your internal processes more efficient or still have questions? Contact us!


Your contact person

  Do you have any questions? Let us discuss them in an initial meeting together, as we address the possibilities of cooperation.

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