Alexandra Praschnig

Executive Assistent & Finance


Our attentive ppmc mom takes care of everything and everyone, but at times she has to be very patient with us. She always has the overview and knows how to help when it’s burning somewhere. Alex has been responsible for finance, purchasing and the back office since the very beginning. She likes to work at the home office with her two children.


Born in Bregenz Forest, her life’s passion is jogging. Indeed, there is no running event without her. And if you do not bring a medal home, according to her motto, you will find it in nature. In summer, she enjoys hiking. In the winter months, she loves skiing in the region.


Alex and Wolfi have danced rock and roll together for 15 years. They had many performances together with their dance group, both in Vorarlberg and outside. Nowadays, we have to persuade the two of them to dance with each other for us, as in the good old days.


Hobbies and fun facts

there is no running event without Alex

she feels good in the mountains, whether skiing or hiking

used to danced roll and roll with Wolfi