Adem Cetinkaya

BI Developer & Project Manager


Adem has a very technical background (plumber and mechanical engineer) and was also a team leader in a large company. Creativity, personal responsibility and performance orientation are among his strengths, which is why he founded his own advertising agency, with which he has already been able to win over many customers.   The fact that Adem is very inquisitive and ambitious is shown, among other things, by the fact that he already has a diploma in web development and a master’s degree in design in digital business in his pocket. He has successfully completed his master’s thesis “Use of BI tool in an SME trading company in the field of logistics”.   His passion is photography. When he’s not holding a camera, he’s up for any nonsense and likes to spend time with his family. Coffee is an elixir of life for him, so he can experiment with anything technical again.


Hobbies and fun facts

Always looking for an excuse not to hang up the laundry

Coffee is his lifeblood

Fooling around with your son and becoming a kid yourself