Business Intelligence


The data model is the foundation of every evaluation. This course will show you how to extract data from your data sources, transform it and then load it into the app. The main focus is on getting acquainted with the functions that are available in the script editor and using the targeted and optimal performance. Standardized calculations and data cleansing as well as optimal performance are possible.

Visualization and reporting

Data presented with the proper visualization, providing the important information for decisions and assisting the user in his daily work. Regardless of where they are used – interactively or in the static report. Learn how to use Qlik’s instruments optimally, so that the user always has the important things in mind.

System administration

Keep track of your users, your connections to data sources, create automated load cycles, and centrally control access to the data and applications provided. Learn to properly use the Qlik Sense administration interface.

Business Consulting

With the ppmc academy, in addition to standardized and individually designed training courses for the various Qlik products, we also offer you a platform in which an active knowledge exchange between you and the ppmc on topics (business intelligence, processes, etc.) related to your industry or the individual departments takes place.