Aaron Giesinger

Aaron Giesinger


Aaron has been passionate about Business Intelligence and Qlik since 2013. Prior to that, he worked in ERP development and SQL administration. Also very interesting is the fact that Aaron was educated in the social field and has worked there for a long time in caring for handicapped people. It has been a long, exciting journey, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and know-how, and he is now leading his own business intelligence team.   When it comes to a running event, he is always available. He loves jogging to clear his head and to recharge his batteries. When the batteries are fully charged again, he usually sits in the office at 06:00 a.m. in the morning and starts the day full of motivation.   In addition to the development of BI solutions, Aaron has another passion, namely music. He grew up with classical music and switched to metal in his youth. He has since played electric guitar in various metal bands and was then with a band seven weeks on the 1st place in the SRF1 charts in neighboring Switzerland. Today, Aaron is also happy about every band rehearsal, for it is yet another opportunity for him to live out his creativity.


Hobbies and fun facts

Music is his passion

loves to jog

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